UNIQUE cadcam  

UNIQUE cadcam - Your Partner for dental CAD/CAM-Solutions

UNIQUE cadcam, located in Meerbusch (Germany) close to Düsseldorf, is a team of dental technicians, software developers and designers, who specialized in the development and integration of CAD/CAM-components and complete digital solutions.

Software, easy to understand

Under its own brand UNIQUE cadcam offers UNIQUE CAM and the UNIQUE IOS software for intraoral scanning. These products can be customized and modified on request for distribution partners and OEM customers. In this way customers and partners of UNIQUE cadcam are given the opportunity to realize their own ideas and to offer exclusive solutions and products to the market.

The UNIQUE CAM and IOS applications can be integrated with common Dental-CAD-solutions and are therefore the ideal base for a complete, easy-to-use CAD/CAM-solution. These components can be supplemented with desktop-, intraoral-scanners and milling-machines to create individual and reliable solutions for the customer, suitable for the beginner and advanced user, for the dental technician and dentist.

Innovations for the practice

At UNIQUE cadcam one is proud of its literally unique solutions like the multilayer-visualization for polychromatic materials. Their expertise in grinding glass-ceramics and hybrid-materials is demonstrated by short milling-times in combination with greatest details in the final result.

The focus is always the complete process-chain up to the finalized product: UNIQUE cadcam offers a range of CAD/CAM-accessories, e.g. to finalize monolithic zirconia-crowns and -bridges.

Individual developments

The young team from UNIQUE cadcam already realized several custom-developments. One example to mention is the development of a CAD-prototype for the dental pratice, which requires only a few mouseclicks from scanning to the finished crown. Primary goal of this system was the easy and intuitive operation, to be used by the dentist and his practice team without a too long learning curve.

Consulting and training services

Consulting and training is a major issue in the dental CAD/CAM world. A continuous education is a key factor for labs and practices to successfully compete in the market. UNIQUE cadcam offers its extensive KnowHow to consult and train its partners and customers.