UNIQUE cadcam  

Competence succeeds

The demands towards the dentist have significantly grown during the last years: more service-orientation, a bigger portfolio and individual treatments are requested by the patient. Use the advantages of the UNIQUE chairside system and insert the final restoration in one treatment sitting. Secure a crucial competitve advantage and increase the added value of your practice or lab.

Powderfree scanning with clear representation of the margin, a variety of indications and a high degree of detail (up to 0.3mm-burs) of the finished restoration characterize the open UNIQUE solution.

The UNIQUE system consists out of an intraoral scanner with UNIQUE IOS scanning and UNIQUE CAD/CAM-software. Supplemented with a milling-machine (and a desktop-scanner, if desired), chosen according to the customer's individual needs, you will have a complete easy-to-use CAD/CAM-System to digitally manufacture dental restorations in your lab or practice.

CAD/CAM for everyone: configure the system to your needs and pay only for features you really need. Enter the world of CAD/CAM at an economical level. There are no limitations to how the system can be upgraded, securing your investment.


Taking digital impressions

Taking impressions is easy and quick, due to powderless operation and the easy-to-use UNIQUE IOS software, for the benefit of dentist and patient. Take additional impressions, e.g. situation- or scanbody-scans. After scanning, the impressions are directly available in the CAD-module to design the restoration.


Intraoral scanner for the lab?

Multiannual practical experiences with the system have shown new applications. The intraoral scanner can exploit its strengths when scanning gypsum models: the simple handling and the intuitive operation allow short scan-times and accurate results, especially also under critical conditions. Labs can offer intraoral scanning as a service to their customers. The specially developed UNIQUE-scansoftware ensures sharp preplines and offers innovative addon-functions, e.g. the alignment of external (implant-)data.

Indications and Materials

The system is well suited for the practice: fullcontour and screw-retained crowns, bridges, inlays/onlays, partial crowns and veneers can be manufactured from within 1 hour (including intraoral scanning). Depending on the milling-machine they can be grinded from glass-ceramic- or hybrid-ceramic-blocks or milled from modern nano-composite-material. Beside classic chairside-indications temporary crowns/bridges and abutments in PMMA/composite or zirconia can be manufactured.



Fissures of crowns and details in the cavity area are milled with special milling-strategies and very fine burs, giving a perfect esthetic and precise result.

Open System

Since the system and all of its components are fully open, it can be extended or modified at any time. Additional usage fees don't occur. Besides economic questions, buying a UNIQUE chairside system is a decision for the future.